Hot and Heavy at the Super Tuesday Final Table

Tuesday sign

After last week’s Super Tuesday turnout of 602 players and the ongoing Turbo Championship of Online Poker, it would take a tall feat for this week’s edition of the tourney to be even bigger. The final tally came in at a respectable 571 players, but even though less runners hit the tables, the final table action was a sight to behold.

With the money line set at 72 players, there were several marquee names that failed to make the cut. Christian de Leon and Max Lykov, both Team PokerStars Pros, found themselves on the rail quickly. Nacho Barbero and Johnny Lodden lasted longer, but still ended up on the wrong side of the bubble. One member of the team that did manage to have a successful run was Mickey Peterson, who finished in 19th after losing a coin flip.

After almost ten hours of the long grind, a final table was set and it would be one for the ages. With more than 548K chips, it looked like “shermanash” would be in the driver’s seat. However, an early clash with “kleath” would put a big dent in his stack. Under the gun, “shermanash” raised it up with Ace-King and was met with a 3-bet from “kleath”‘s pocket Queens. They got all-in preflop and the Queens held. Just a short time later, “shermanash” would find his demise in a similar fashion, this time holding AhQd against his opponent’s JcJs. Again, the pair held and “shermanash” went from early favorite to first one out.

The monster pots would continue as “kleath” and “Poeira4″ traded the chip lead back and forth as they knocked out competitors, including one hand where “Poeira4″ was able to beat AcKd with the lowly 5d2d and send “apostolis20″ to the rail in 7th place. “TaiwanStyle” and “deuces85″ were eliminated in the same manner, both ending up all-in with a pair against a bigger pair.

When the head’s up stage was reached, “Poeira4″ had a significant majority of the nearly three million chips in play with over 67%. The pair played snug until their first major battle, which would also decide the entire tournament. On a 3d4s5s flop, the two put all the chips in the middle, both with strong hands. The 6d5d of “kleath” gave him top pair and a straight draw, but “Poeira4″ had flopped the joint with Ac2s and was not going anywhere. The best hand stayed that way and “Poeira4″ became the champion of a very memorable Super Tuesday.

1st – Poeira4 – $107,919.00
2nd – kleath – $79,083.50
3rd – deuces85 – $58,242.00
4th – TaiwanStyle – $43,967.00
5th – HeroCall123 – $30,834.00
6th – soprano1989 – $24,267.50
7th – apostolis20 – $18,557.00
8th – gnetaren – $12,847.50
9th – shermanash – $8,736.30