How to beat the table finder software

synapse and binary

Every solid and decent poker player realises that the key to making money online is to find the best games and play in them. You can purchase software that will do this for you but they suffer from several key flaws.

Firstly, everybody else is using the same or similar software and so it tends to be first come first served with who actually sits on the “best” tables. Also this means that by the time that you sit down on these tables then it is no longer the same profitable line up as before.

So you essentially miss the boat so to speak and the table that you are left with is full of solid players and minimum stackers. Have you ever wondered why one table has 10 people on a waiting list while others only have 1 or 2? It is human nature to want to play poker as quickly as possible and so why would someone click on a waiting list to be 9th in line when there are two other tables with only one other person waiting and they could be 2nd in line?

This is happening because table finder software is making the decision for them. So the first big problem with using these items is that they are too widely used to be of any use. Secondly if you can do a fairly decent job of rating your own opponents then you will not only have a more effective system but you will be one step ahead of the table finder software if you constantly scour the lobby room. Some of the best tables to take a seat at are those that are filling up.

Most table finder software users tend to enter certain metrics into the program where they want a minimum number of players. So if you prefer to play full ring then you could jump into a very good table that was six handed and play six handed for a few hands until it fills up. This gets you the first jump on all of the other regulars and allows you to get to the fish first. The key though is to have a good enough system to rate your opponents. Many people look at tracker metrics like VPIP/PFR/AF stats or 3/bet stats but once again these are too universally known.

In my opinion one of the biggest and most effective ways to rate your opponents is to look for flaws in their strategy and overall strategic thinking. If you can spot this then this is a huge indicator that you have found an opponent that is going to provide you with value! These are totally different metrics to tracker metrics and will not be as obvious as the criteria that table finder software uses. It will take a while to build up your notes but once you do then it will also allow you to play higher stakes and not be afraid of those levels.