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Huge Action At 7th Anniversary Sunday Million

shutterstock_39339025In what is the biggest online poker tournament to date in 2013, the 7th Anniversary Sunday Million by PokerStars has run its course. Along the way, some 49,000 players took their shot at the title, but only one would have the skills, courage, and luck to be crowned winner. An impressive 52 members of the PokerStars Pro Team came out to play, but none managed to hit the deck well, with Angel Guillen’s 754th finish being the best.

The tournament had a $7 million guarantee (one of the largest ever in online poker), but this was obliterated by the massive number of entrants. In total, nearly $10 million was up for grabs, with the prize pool coming in at a staggering $9,857,400. With so much money on the line, most poker fans thought a pro would win, but it was a low stakes grinder that ended up with the honour of being crowned champion.

Stacks at the Final Table

“benislovas” – 143,157,856

“rewgr343″ – 103,278,786

“n0rflip” – 50,049,172

“Kasra84″ – 46,490,963

“sexygee” – 45,572,147

“stradale430″ – 30,116,152

“pellompogos” – 28,597,346

“Heminsley” – 24,658,844

“2outs4cake” – 20,948,734

When the first hand of the final table was dealt, the excitement on the rail was palpable. Most of the spectators were rooting on “Heminsley” or “sexygee”, both of whom have had considerable online poker success. However, it was Lithuanian player “benislovas” that held the monster stack and an early 58 million chip pot confrontation with “rewgr343″ only exaggerated the lead. With nine players left, there was talk of a deal, but “sexygee” made it clear that it was not in his best interest to settle for less than $350,000. The professional player sensed a sizable edge and was willing to risk a run of bad luck against his skills.

After “Heminsley” became the first to hit the rail, talks of a deal continued, with a few of the short stacks being very vocal, but failing to find an agreeable compromise. And then, everything went wild. With no foreseeable deal, the action went crazy as five players were eliminated in a total of seven minutes, leaving only “benislovas,” “sexygee,” and “Kasra84″ still in action. At this point, the remaining prize pool was around $2.5 million and the players were finally ready to hammer out the details of a deal.

Leaving $140,000 on the table for the winner, a split based on chip stacks was made, with “sexygee” getting the largest award of $836,321, proving that the pro made the correct choice in refusing the earlier negotiations. “Kasra84″ took home $813,370, but was the first of the three to be eliminated. Fittingly, it was on the 7th hand of head’s up play that the two remaining competitors got all the chips in the middle. On the turn of a 10s-Qd-3d-4h board, “sexygee” had an up and down straight draw as well as two overcards with Kc-Jh to the 10d-9s second pair of “benislovas.” The hand held and “benislovas” was awarded $848,589 for his efforts.

The Final Table Payouts

“benislovas” – $848,589

“sexygee” – $836,321

“Kasra84″ – $813,370

“n0rflip” – $358,809

“pellompogos” – $254,320

“stradale430″ – $181,376

“2outs4cake” – $117,303

“rewgr343″ – $85,759

“Heminsley” – $62,101


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