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Huge Redevelopments Planned for Las Vegas Strip

shutterstock_77137633MGM have long been one of Las Vegas’s prime marketers attracting tourists to the Las Vegas strip with its bright and imaginative know how. With money to back its projects and a team of designers able to turn a junk yard into a paradise garden, all we can do is imagine what the MGM team will pull out of the bag with it newly announced redevelopment plans.

A recent press release has confirmed that in the New York area of the strip, things are about to change with the current look deemed out of date. This then also includes the Monte Carlo resort part of the strip, as both areas are now looking at a whole new look giving Las Vegas a new location to visit while doing away with the old, which is still in fact not so old itself, but in a changing world, new is in. Of course there will be those who will reminisce on the old style set-up, nevertheless change in a new world era of gambling and a world that seems to swing in and out of rapidly changing trends, the MGM have decided that the only way is a different way, which means creating a whole new look, and who can complain?

One of the most fascinating changes is the idea of adding a new park to accompany a brand new 20k seat stadium. In today’s modern age and design this could be something special. Working with what is already a prominent area, the MGM is sure to create a theme and a walk through that will challenge the spark that the latest Olympics added to the area of Stratford in London.

In a statement from the MGM chairman as well as the acting CEO, there was no secret into the ambitions that the organisation has in creating a pedestrian walk through that will challenge any other on the globe. He went on to explain in not so many words that this is going to be an inside out project. What he meant by this is clearly the inside atmosphere of the MGM establishments is to spill out onto the streets outside, creating what is predicted to be the most attractive and entertaining spot in the city, if not in the world.

Already the strip is one of the most popular areas of the city, and it has always been a must visit location, so why not make what is already a popular attraction even more luxurious to match the image of what has been labelled Sin City.

Partners involved in the project are yet to be announced. However, it doesn’t matter because when the MGM get involved, they always create something one notch above what is expected. What an exciting new look Las Vegas is waiting for!




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