“IceStream” crowned champion of Super Tuesday event

American dollars

The PokerStars’ Super Tuesday tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000 but this week players competed for twice that amount. This was the result of 636 players buying in for $1,050 each which led to another record for 2013, one week after the tournament set one. 72 players made the money and after 9 hours, the most successful nine sat down at the final table to compete for the big bucks.

From the very beginning “IceStream” emerged as favourite to prevail, with a stack of 652,518, the second largest after Brazil’s “peterwhooo”. One week ago, another Brazilian player won the Super Tuesday and his countrymen were thrilled at the prospect of having another major winner. Their favourite made a deep run and finished 2nd , eliminated by the eventual winner after both players went all in with A-K vs A-Q.

Two players from Israel made the final table but both of them were short stackers and eventually they were sent to the rail in the 6th and 8th places. The first to leave the Super Tuesday was Russian “mickl58”, eliminated by “fish.Suusa” from Czech Republic, who played aggressive poker as soon as the final table was reached.

He made the heads-up and what makes his performance memorable is the fact that when only nine players were left in the race, he had the second shortest stack. The remaining four players discussed a potential deal, but once it became obvious that no agreement would be reached, play resumed. The Bulgarian had more chips than the rest of the players combined, while the Brazilian was the shortest stack. He somehow outlasted “warspirit89” from Germany who finished fourth, before being eliminated by “IceStream”.

The heads-up was just as expected a lopsided game, with the Bulgarian player having twice as many chips and he grinded down his opponent. The latter waited patiently for whole cards that would justify an all-in but they were never dealt to him and eventually he had no choice but to shove with 2-3 off-suit. “IceStream” had a marginal hand himself, but the 8-9 held all the way to the river and made him champion.

Check out the final table placement:

  1. IceStream – $120,204
  2. fish.Suusa – $88,086
  3. peterwhooo – $64,872
  4. warspirit89 – $48,972
  5. gernas10 – $34,344
  6. filushh – $27,030
  7. Greenstone25 -$20,670
  8. MkMyWishFish – $14,310
  9. mickl58 – $9,730