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“Ilari FIN” Wins $1 Million In Two Days

“Ilari FIN” Wins $1 Million In Two Days

It was always going to happen eventually with his all action style, but Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies has finally started to turn the tables on his yearly losses, he was carrying the tag as one of the biggest losers with regards to the online high stakes action on PokerStars.

Quite rightly so in many ways as he was down around $1.4 million throughout the year, however he has managed to claim most of it back in just two days of intense action.

Well, since just late Monday night, Sahamies has been on a rel heater having managed to by last night won an astounding $1,030,543 profit in just two days. Lets just say that it is very rare for somebody to win so much in such a short space of time, even on the high stakes tables.

This has left him just $370k down for the year now, which will not be for long if he carries on like this. That is still of course quite a lot of money for most of us, however for him it is about an hour and a half’s work in the form he is in.

Most of his winnings came on the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables, where he took down multiple six figure sums on each. One session saw him earn a whopping $373k in just an hour and a half, that helped bring his daily earnings to around $662k which had him well clear of anyone else for the day.

The Biggest Pots Of The Day!

In the biggest flop of the day Ilari seemed to be in control on the flop with two pair, yet he wasn’t to know that “patpatman” actually went in front in the hand with a bigger two pair on the turn. Ilari got lucky though and hit his flush on the river to take the massive $205.9k pot.

The second biggest pot of the day actually involved both the same players, Ilari again fininding a flush on the river to take a pot of $173.4k. To complete the hat trick, both players were again involved in the third biggest hand of the day as Ilari’s two pair manages to fend off a broadway straight draw from “patpatman”

“patpatman” must have been sick of the sight of his opponent throughout the day,because as Ilari was topping the profit charts, he was having another terrible bit of luck at the tables. He eventually dropped $321.2k which isn’t bad considering the amount he had lost before he started to claw some back.

He wasn’t the biggest loser of the day though as that mantle was taken by “Jeans89” losing $414k, with a lot of it going to Sahamies.

The Biggest Winners Of The Day!

Ilari FIN +$662.1k

nasud 11 +$321.7k

tr1cky7 +$261.7k

Skjervoy +$183.6k


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