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In the Mood for Marriage and Money – Irish Open

shutterstock_94468075Ian Simpson came out in front with all cards blazing in the Irish Open taking with him €265k to celebrate his post win engagement with his now fiancé.

What a tournament the Irish Open had in store for us too, as the final 8 sat down to fight for the honours of the Irish Poker Main Event title and a massive Euro cash win. The eventual winner Simpson went all the way and hooked three prizes at once with the first place prize money, the title and a wife to be.

Before this there were still 7 players for Simpson to get though. First to drop off the final table was Adam Fallon, who hadn’t even planned on making it so deep into the tournament, as he had to rearrange his departure from Ireland back to the USA because he had to play an extra day at the final table. However, his extra day at the tables wasn’t a long encounter as eventually second place Michael Farrelly took Fallon’s chips with an As-Kc that pulled through against Fallon’s Ac-Jc. It was a brave hand for both players with neither hitting the board that read 9c-9h-9d-Qh-6c after both committed themselves pre-flop.

As the likes of Brady (7th), Connolly (6th), Anderson (5th) and Mohamed (4th) all went out in quick succession, the table’s aggression heated up with the last three pushing around the chips in search of tipping over the already guaranteed €99,000 to whoever was out next.

It was at this point that Davis was coming to terms with the fact he was clearly behind and had no other option but to use his Ace high hand to try an aggressive 3-bet to Farrelly’s 260,000 bet from the button, but Simpson was to also getting in on the action, and he made it 600,000 chips to play. Farrelly cleverly and tactically passed up the opportunity leaving Davis with little choice but to risk the rest of his chips and tank called with his last remaining chips.

Simpson turned over 7c-7s to Davis’s Ah-7h leaving him with only 3 outs to the Ace and praying for a flush flop. The board came out Kh-8d-Qd-5s-9s sending David out with €99,000.

It was heads-up and Simpson was looking good against Farrelly after just adding to his mountain of chips. Soon enough just 3 hands into the heads-up showdown, the pair had all their chips in the middle with Simpson getting the better of Farrelly, after all the action happened after the flop. Qd-5s-6c were the 3 cards showing and as the players turned over their cards, Farrelly showed an up and down straight draw with 7d-4c, while Simpson also showed an open ended straight with his 3d-4d.

The turn was in favour of no one with an 8d, but the river then shocked the crowd and the players as what seemed like an impossible 2d came out to complete Simpson’s 6 high straight and cue up his plan to propose to his girlfriend.

Congratulations on two accounts to Simpson and all the best of luck in the future in poker and in love!

The Top 8 Final Table Pay-outs

1st: Ian Simpson – €265,000

2nd: Michael Farrelly – €141,500

3rd: Mark Davis – €99,000

4th: Namir Mohamed – €67,500

5th: Calvin Anderson – €49,000

6th: Declan Connolly – €37,500

7th: Tom Brady – €28,000

8th: Adam Fallon – €20,500


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