International Federation of Poker Hosts Original Tourney


shutterstock_132101291Texas hold ‘em has changed dramatically over the last decade and the online version gained enough traction to make it the dominant type of poker. Until now, land-based casinos kept using the real dealers and actual cards, but the International Federation of Poker intends to change all that. It will host an original European Nations Cup tournament aimed at showcasing the latest IFP Match Poker technology.

The Annabelle Hotel will be the gracious host of this original event, with players expected to travel to the city of Paphos in Cyprus. The tournament kicks off on April the 12th and concludes three days later, with players from 14 different countries competing: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Cyprus, Russia, Denmark, Estonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Serbia will send their best poker players to win the first poker tournament of this kind.

Those who are familiar with Duplicate Bridge will find many similarities between that type of game and IFP’s Match Poker. A player from each country will be seated in identical seats corresponding to multiple tables, and they will all be dealt the same hole cards. For instance, team Spain will have all its members seated in seat one and receive the same two cards, while their opponents will follow the same pattern in terms of seats and cards dealt.

This type of gameplay should make it very interesting to see how various players choose to play their hands and witness the differences. At least in theory, the role played by luck should be diminished and skillful players should emerge victorious, making the European Nations Cup a thrilling premiere. The fact that the players competing in Cyprus will be representing their countries instead of themselves should make the tournament more immersive for those watching it on TV or online.

The International Federation of Poker has good reasons to expect this experiment to be a successful one, and it would come as no surprise if future tournaments will feature even more teams. There is still one week left before the European Nations Cup begins, so poker players from each country should stay tuned for more news regarding the names of those who will represent them in Cyprus. So far only the structure of team Ireland and the United Kingdom has been revealed but more names could be leaked in the next couple of days.