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“inwooke” Claims last Sunday Warm-Up Of 2012

“inwooke” Claims last Sunday Warm-Up Of 2012

The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up will not see another event in 2012, with this one being the last of them for another year. The event attracted 495 players which yet again broke the guarantee of $500k for the prize pool with a true total of $689,200.00.

The player that took home the largest share of that prize pool was “inwooke” who claimed $108,205.21 for his first place finish after successfully getting the better of “DEXX_RJ” during heads up.

By the time we had reached the final table, the player that had a massive chip advantage was “phaplap” as he held almost 10 million chips, with his closest rival being that of “ShankingYou” with around 6.5 million chips.

The first of the final nine to go was “Truthislie” who was the short tack on the table, he was forced to make a move and decided to push with the Ah-7s. An ace on the flop would have given him hope, except his opponent “Veritas0086” was holding the Ad-Ts.

“inwooke” then made a big step up the rankings when he sent “LUNARI29” home in 8th place and took a huge 1.82 million pot. Things then dramatically slowed down on the table as it took a good 45 minutes before we saw another elimination.

That elimination occurred when a coin flip between the Ad-Kh of “DEXX_RJ” and the pocket eights of “grussiova” saw the latter go home in 7th when an ace fell on the flop.

The slow pace continued as we had to wait yet another 45 minutes for someone to leave the table, with “DEXX_RJ” again taking the scalp when his pocket tens turned into trips to beat off the Ac-Jc of “Veritas0086”.

We then had a break, before everything went crazy. Despite only seeing two players go in nearly two hours, we suddenly had players falling all over the place. “inwooke” eliminated “ShankingYou”, “phaplap” knocked out”steine222” to leave us three handed.

Then just a further 13 minutes down the line there were just two left as “inwooke” again took a big scalp as he hit a wheel on the river to send “phaplap” home in third. We now just had “DEXX_RJ” and “inwooke” remaining with the latter holding around a 2-1 chip advantage. The final hand saw “DEXX_RJ” push with the Ah-8c which was called by the pocket eights of his opponent, no ace arrived and his fate was confirmed when the final eight hit on the river to give “inwooke” the set and the title.

The Final Table!

Veritas0086 – 2379757

ShankingYou – 6496141

grussiova – 5108458

phaplap – 9575632

LUNARI29 – 718387

stiene222 – 2369126

DEXX_RJ – 2422321

Truthislie – 1729398

inwooke – 3660780

How It Finished!

inwooke – $108,205.21

DEXX_RJ – $80,636.40

phaplap – $56,859.00

stiene222 – $39,629.00

ShankingYou – $29,291.00

Veritas0086 – $22,399.00

grussiova – $15,507.00

LUNARI29 – $8,615.00

Truthislie – $5,513.60


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