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Iowa Taking A Second look At Online Poker

Iowa Taking A Second look At Online Poker

Online poker seems to moving in the right direction in the U.S, with more and more states at least now considering the prospect of allowing it. One such state is Iowa, with politicians confirming that they may be taking a second glance at the possibility of allowing online poker for their residents.

Another positive piece of news for those that are calling for online poker in the state is that the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission have moved quickly to put their name forward as regulators.

The chairman of the IRGC, Jeff Lamberti gave an interview to a local radio station and confirmed that his department is ready and more than capable of regulating the states online poker if it legislators decide to allow online poker in the state.

When pressed more on the subject of online poker, he claimed that it is definitely the next step with regards to online gaming, with a handful of states already committed to allowing it in the near future.

Online Poker In Iowa? – How Close Is It?

There was initially a state file passed in Iowa back in March, with the senate file 2257 passing by a score of 29 to 20 votes. However, that file was then put under the table due to the Republican State House being one of the more conservative, so the file did not even come up for a vote.

In that particular bill, a state only online poker network would have meant that it would have had to work strongly alongside all of the twenty b&m casinos that are currently housed in Iowa. It is strongly believed that all of these casinos are in strong favour of online poker being allowed in Iowa and are behind this latest effort to see it happen.

This is because they would like to see the poker offered in an online format, which can only be accessed through portals of at the casinos. These portals would then be regulated by the IRGC, practically making it impossible for minors to undertake in any online gambling.

Though there is still no set timetable for this bill to be re-discussed, the support that it is now getting means that they can only avoid it for so long. This is especially the case as other states are now opening up to the possibilities of online poker, surely meaning that Iowa would not want to be left behind on that front.

If given the go ahead, it seems that with the IRGC, they already have the regulators who are more than ready to take online poker on board.


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