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IPT Nova Gorica – PokerStars Team Pro Salvatore Bonavena Just Falls Short

IPT Nova Gorica – PokerStars Team Pro Salvatore Bonavena Just Falls Short

The Italian Poker Tour Nova Gorica Main Event has been playing out over the past few days, with PokerStars Team Pro Salvatore Bonavena just failing to take down the title by finishing as the runner up. In fact in the hand that he lost, he was in good shape and actually had the better hand pre-flop only for his opponent Riccardo D’Antoni to outdraw him on the turn to take the title.

When the event originally started there were 299 players that had registered to take their place at the felt, this had created a price pool of €578,120.

Yesterday was the last day of the event, with just the final table of eight returning to battle it out for the title and €155,000 first place payout. The action didn’t take long to get interesting either with the first elimination occurring within the first hour, the short stack going into the table Michele Limongi losing a coinflip to make his way to the rail for a prize of €12,000.

Within another two hours we were down to the final five after both Michele Di Lauro and Massimiliano were sent tumbling by Bonavena and Giudice respectively.

The final five battled it out for some time before we witnessed the next knockout, Fausto Cheli who was at one point the chip leader during this event was sent to the rails after being crippled by D’Antoni and then finished off by Giudice when he ran his Jd-9d into his opponents pocket tens.

It was Giudice who was next to go though, when he pushed all-in holding As-10d only to be called by D’Antoni who had a slightly better Ac-Jd. The board helped neither player improve and Giudice was sent home with €55,000 in his pocket.

We then found ourselves heads up with Bonavena having quite a disadvantage against his opponents stack, he worked hard to slowly claw it back until the moment he decided to try and push all-in for a double up saw him get very unlucky.

He was holding the As-Kc and would have felt extremely happy to see D’Antoni holding the Ac-Ts, however a ten came down on the turn to end his tournament and the chance to win the second IPT title of his career. In fact that second place now makes for an interesting statistic; he has come 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the four IPT events he has played in the last four years.

Final Standings!

1. Riccardo D’Antoni – €155,000

2. Salvatore Bonavena – €95,000

3. Sebastiano Giudice – €55,000

4. Fausto Cheli – €42,000

5. Paolo Casaburi – €33,000

6. Massimiliano Bramati – €25,000

7. Michele Di Lauro – €18,000

8. Michele Limongi – €12,000


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