Irish players celebrate St Patrick’s Day at the tables

St. Patricks Day & Beer

Today is an important day for the people of Ireland and many poker professionals have had to to make up their mind about whether to play poker or go out and hit the town instead! Most will choose the latter and only the most dedicated of players will trade the bar tables for virtual or live felt. Drinking and playing is out of the question, so there is no chance of combining pleasure with business for these elite poker pros. Tim Reilly said nothing about his plans for today, but made sure that he was one of the first to congratulate his fellow Irishmen. The guys at Bluff Europe sided with the pros too and encouraged the players to follow the Irish Heroes on Twitter:


One such hero is Mick Graydon who resisted the overwhelming temptation of going out for drinks yesterday and instead played poker. He won a five-digit amount so he will have plenty of money to spend on St. Patrick’s Day even if things go out of hand. Right now he is gearing up for a drinking festival and promises to serve as an example to the non-Irish and show those who rarely drink what they are missing out on:


Nicky Power and Steve O’Dwyer are two other Irish poker professionals who have been quiet so far and posted no updates on Twitter, with the latest posts dating March 14th. Poker tournaments and cash games run live online at the time of writing and players regardless of nationality can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the tables. Hopefully for them, the luck of the Irish will be on their side and make Ireland’s nationals truly memorable.