Isaac Haxton and his documentary (vid)

ike haxton

Isaac Haxton is widely regarded as one of the best cash game players in the world and one of the most competitive online at nosebleed stakes. He became a member of PokerStars Team one year ago and one of his responsibilities was to participate in the filming of a short documentary about his life and poker career. Now he tells all about his experience with PokerStars in his blog post for

While the poker professional was not thrilled at the prospect of being in front of the cameras for an extended period of time or disclosing information about himself, his fans were already celebrating. These insightful documentaries filmed by PokerStars provide regular poker players with a chance to truly know their idols and to learn more about their habits. Isaac Haxton talks on his blog about how much it helps to work with a professional and praised Ryan Firpo and his crew for helping him overcome his fears.

The 20 minute documentary is filmed in a laid-back atmosphere and when you watch it, you will find Isaac Haxton to be just as friendly in real life as he is ruthless at the online poker tables. The photo shoots were performed at various locations, including Monte Carlo and the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, which means that Isaac had to spend a lot of time on the road.

Reflecting on his experiences, Haxton said that he realises how lucky he is to do the thing that he likes the most, without having a boss breathing down his neck. In the great scheme of things, his responsibilities as a member of Team Online are trivial and at the end of the day he agrees that the photo shoot and the documentary were pretty fun. Being a member of the PokerStars team has plenty of upsides, with poker professionals interacting on multiple levels while on the road.

Haxton explains why poker players usually avoid contact with their peers when on the road, but rejoice when they are provided with an incentive to interact. Isaac spent some quality time with Ivan Demidov, Andre Akkari, George Danzer and Leo Margets since joining Team Online and considers this to be one of the best advantages of being a member of such an elite crew. While the agreement forced him to leave his comfort zone, the poker Pro has no regrets and is happy that it has opened so many doors for him.