Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton Scores $159k

Isaac Haxton

Most of you will be aware that Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton is predominantly a No Limit Holdem player, specifically heads up, so it was a bit of a surprise to see him at the Pot Limit Omaha tables yesterday.

He often admits that he would love to practise the game sufficiently by going down to the lower stakes but due to his name and being a PokerStars Team Pro, he rarely gets any action. This meant that he had no real choice yesterday than to dive right into the deep end and play the game at the higher stakes tables against some more than competent players.

As it turned out he didn’t do too bad on the $200/$400 stakes against the likes of Dan “jungleman12” Cates, “UhhMee”, “mikki696”and “POKERBLUFFS” as he came out as the day’s biggest winner with profits of $157k.

He actually only played 99 hands but within that time he made his profit with most of it coming from one huge pot in which he took down. It was a three way pot in which each of the player’s money had gone into the middle after a flop that everyone got a big piece of. However it was Haxton that won the pot after making his full house and taking home $118.5k.

There was another large pot during that session though this time Haxton was not involved. It was “UhhMee” that won this one of $114.7k against “1Mastermind”.

The profits that Haxton took home yesterday were by far the biggest and in fact nobody else managed to break the $100k barrier. “wilhasha” was the one that finished up second on the day with profits of $87.2k over at the No Limit Holdem tables of PokerStars.

The remaining spots on the days profit list were filled by “WithColor” and “n0d1ceb4by” who took home $79.1k and $58k respectively.

The Largest Profits

1st) luvtheWNBA – (+$159.4k)

2nd) wilhasha – (+$87.2k)

3rd) WithColor – (+$79.1k)

4th) n0d1ceb4by – (+$58k)

With New Year coming into town tonight we are not expecting too much action at the high stakes tables tonight, though we have been proved wrong on many an occasion before. We will certainly let you know tomorrow if there has in fact been any action of note so try to pop in and see us.