Isildur1 announces the Blom 100 Heads-up Challenge

Viktor Blom

The prospect of playing heads-up Texas Hold ‘em against Viktor Blom is both intimidating and alluring for most poker players. On one hand, this is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, because the Swede only plays at nosebleed limits where the buy-ins are prohibitive for most poker players. On the other, there are plenty who would gladly pay $1,000 just to say that they’ve sat at the same table with Isildur1, even if they don’t emerge victorious.

Full Tilt Poker players can rejoice because Viktor Blom presents them with the unique opportunity of qualifying for a heads-up game of Texas Hold ‘em. This is a part of the Blom 100 Heads-up Challenge which starts on October 25 and concludes on November 3, consisting of a string of qualifiers. The daily Blom 100 Flip Freeroll event can be the gateway, sending regular poker players to the heads-up tables that will be set at the end of the campaign.

Those who get that far, are supposed to register themselves for the heads-up tournaments, with 10 of them to be held on a daily basis. Five will start at 15:00 ET and the other five begin half an hour later, with Viktor Blom to play five heads-up tables at the same time. The games will have a standard Turbo No Limit Hold’em format with players starting with 1500 chips and those who outplay the Swedish Pro will win a prize of $1,000.

It goes without saying that Isildur1 starts as overwhelming favourite in each of these games and that’s why it is good to know that Full Tilt Poker offers a second chance to those who lose. They will receive a token that can be used for the Blom 100 $5K Freeroll which is scheduled for November 10 and 14:00 ET. Just as the name suggests, the prize pool will be of $5,000 and the tokens will be awarded starting on Friday, November 8.

In order to book a seat at the Texas Hold ‘em heads-up tables, players are supposed to win one of the Blom 100 Flip Freerolls that take place on a daily basis at 5 minutes intervals. There are four distinct ways of winning a ticket for these free rounds, with the most straightforward one being to deposit $20. Those who win a sit and go that has at least six entrants or finish in the money in a multitable event, will also receive a 100 Flip Freeroll ticket. 50 more are awarded every day in the Full Tilt Poker Twitter contest.