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“Isildur1” Beats “Bttech86” and “Sauce1234”

Online poker winningsThe Pot-Limit Omaha tables on Full Tilt Poker was where all the high stakes online cash game action was at as Viktor “Isildur1” Blom crushed the game, taking large pots from Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene and Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky.

Blom in fact got his day started with one of his usual down swings, after not having such a great time on the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables with limited damage coming out of this game. Over on the $500/$1000 CAP No Limit Hold’em tables he was also riding his luck, which didn’t go his way, losing a quick $106k. However, it wasn’t long before the man responsible for millions of dollars a month floating around the online cash tables came good.

He was on the $300/$600 PLO tables flying high with a $300k profit coming courtesy of a heads up dual with “Sauce1234” over 2 tables. “Isildur1” lost all his cash on one of the tables, nevertheless the two continued on to the final table, where the majority of the cash had been invested. Two hours of toing and froing and “Isildur1” had toppled “Sauce1234” for $250k. In one pot, “Isildur1” took full of advantage after landing the nut straight with a flush draw for the river. “Sauce1234” had flopped a set already and the turn gave him the flush draw, but “Isildur1” was in control with the nut flush draw on his side. Blom took down the pot for $179.7k, which was the largest pot of the day on all online tables.

Over on the Triple Draw tables Blom had cancelled his early days mishap and turned up with a $75k profit playing versus Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius and Phil “Polarizing” Ivey.

“Sauce1234” was on the way back taking $117K at one point after both players changed tables and soon after, four more tables were opened up. “Isildur1’s” lead was quickly eradicated and “Sauce1234” was back in the game. As usual, in a game versus “Isildur1” things can go either really wrong or you can run really well. For “Sauce1234” it was later and “Isildur1” took just 150 more hands to win $315k, in which time the second largest pot of the day and the third largest of the day were played out between the two.

$157.2k went to “Sauce1234” after flopping a set and “Isildur1” flopping a wrap draw, where both players got their money in, but “Sauce1234” escaped “Isildur1’s” straight outs. Soon after, Isildur1 had two pair, which turned into a flush on the river card, giving him back $146K.

“Isildur1” then moved over to the $500/$1000 CAP PLO tables to take on “Bttech86”, who pulled away $500k from “Isildur1”, who disappeared from the tables for a while. Later “Isildur1” was back on the NLHE CAP tables playing $500/$1000. In just over an hour, he won 94k and then it was back to “Bttech86”. It was an up and down grind for both players, but “Isildur1” came out of it after taking $700k off “Bttech86” in 500 hands that saw “Isildur1” in profit in the match $265k up.

Yesterday’s Biggest Winners

1st – “Isildur1” – $223.7k

2nd – “Bttech86” – $130.9k

3rd – “Trueteller” – $106.5k

4th – “FinddaGrind” – $85.4k

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