“Isildur1″ goes from ecstasy to agony in a few hours

Viktor Blom_2012 PCA_Super High Roller Final Table_Joe Giron_GIR5592

What goes around comes around and poker professionals know all too well that they shouldn’t dwell on a successful session regardless of how much money they win. Viktor Blom had a rough night and went from being the biggest winner of the day to settling for the status of a marginal winner. All things considered, this was not the worst-case scenario and the Swedish poker player lives to fight another day at nosebleed limits.

While he is more than a match for the vast majority of players and a formidable opponent at high-stakes, Viktor suffered most of his losses playing no limit Texas hold ‘em against equally gifted pros.

This is exactly what happened last night when “Isildur1″ squandered profits of $222,000 at NLHE tables, with the main beneficiary being Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton. Whether he waited for Blom to trade his favourite Omaha tables for the Texas hold ‘em once or he simply got lucky to be around when the Swedish player decided to play NLHE, Haxton took advantage of this opportunity.

The two players competed against each other at four tables and after less than one hour, it looked like they were evenly matched. For some reason, they decided to move to fresh tables and this is when everything went down the drain for Viktor. Mind blowing as it might sound, he lost almost $200,000 in roughly half an hour, one of the worst downswings the Swede suffered lately. Luckily for him, he still finished the lengthy poker session $32,000 about the profitability line, but this is only a fraction of what he would’ve made, hadn’t he played No Limit hold them last night.

Those who are wondering how he made all the money in the first half of the session, should know that Blom out shined competition at FLO8 and PLO tables. Among his victims were “cottonseed1”, Harry Cassagrande, samrostan, Ben Tollerene and Hac Dang, with the first being one of the most successful poker players this year at high limits. All these players made a contribution to Viktor’s bankroll last night, with the biggest loser being Cassagrande who uses the screen name “Schoitl” and who lost $255,000.

Isildur1 played at all limits starting from $200/$400 ones to $2,000/$4,000 and made profit at all of them, in some sessions pocketing in excess of $100k. Although he squandered most of the profits in the early morning, he still tops the list of yesterday’s biggest winners, followed closely by “otb_RedBaron”

Isildur1 – $222.200

Otb_RedBaron – $179.800

JayP-AA – $96.600

RealMonies – $76,000