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“Isildur1” Is Back With A Massive $600k Score

EV32_Day 01Well, 2013 has been a typical Viktor Blom year already. It has been full of massive upswings and equally massive downswings, with him initially winning around $5 million within the first couple of weeks, before systematically losing all of it bar $ 1million ever since.

However, the past couple of days have seen the fortune switch back in his favour as he has banked a welcome $600k.

This particular period again did not start off too well, after he had started on the $1,000/$2,000 Triple Draw tables and subsequently lost around $100k. Never one to quit however, after a brief break he returned to the tables for a three hour session that saw him not only recoup those losses but actually surge into around $360k profit for the day with a $460k score on the very same tables.

Most of that was taken from Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau, with his opponent handing over a total of $350k to Blom throughout that period. He also secured another $118k from “KPR16” whilst playing a short session on the Fixed Limit Omaha tables.

It is never plain sailing with Blom though, which is the norm as he then went and lost another $300k whilst playing “SallyWoo” on the $2,000/$3,000 Fixed Limit Omaha tables and some more on the Pot Limit Omaha tables against a selection of players including “patpatpanda” and “Bttech86” which meant in total he was little more than $50k up for the day at that point.

This meant he needed some easy money again and since he had already had some big success against “KPR16” earlier in the period, he returned to take another $326k from his opponent. This time he kept up the winning streak by adding another $158k from “Seb86” and around $100k from “SallyWoo”.

That leaves him around $600k for the period, though knowing “Isildur1” he is just as likely to lose it again rather than build on it. Despite that, Blom is by far one of the most entertaining players to watch at the high stakes tables. He might not be consistent, but when he wins he absolutely destroys his opponents.

With him and Tom Dwan being the form players of late, it looks like the rest of the year is going to be one of the best in recent history at the high stakes tables. Just make sure that you keep coming back to find out all of the goings on at these tables, with us always producing regular updates.


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