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“Isildur1” loses $398,940 while “Bttech86” wins $398,680

Viktor Blom_2012 PCA_Super High Roller Final Table_Joe Giron_GIR5592Viktor Blom took a massive hit yesterday in true form as he was once again the man at the table responsible for the majority of the day’s to and throw of cash on the Full Tilt poker tables.

He was up against Alex “IreadYrSoul” Millar playing at the No Limit Hold’em Heads-Up tables at $200/$400 big and small blinds. Blom was looking strong as the early action went his way working his profit up to the $200k mark. Blom then took wired Kings to Millar, but Millar flopped out a two pair taking a six figure pot away from the hand. Blom was out of luck again as it was him flopping the two pair this time, but he didn’t head the danger of the flush that Millar flopped straight out. Blom backed out around $61k up in the match and didn’t return to the tables for a few hours as he did his laundry! We don’t know, but he was gone for while before returning to the PLO and Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables.

Blom was up instantly versus “Kagome Kagome” in the Triple Draw taking $58k and on the PLO tables things were equally as good as Blom was winning by $60k at one point at the $250/$500 stake limit playing against “Sauce1234”. It was a fine day for Blom with a $180k profit and he was heading over to the $100/$200 tables versus Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

Both players are renowned for their aggressive play and they didn’t disappoint. The pre-flop raising was as expected in the region of 3 times and 9 times the blind, which for any spectators the action left them wondering at how both players could be hitting top hand after top hand simultaneously. “Durrrr” took a stiff lead over Blom with $180k going his way, but Blom drew back level quickly before Dwan was back up there taking full advantage of a 2 hour run of cards taking $400k his way.

Dwan also took down the largest online pot of the day. It was another pre-flop battle of wits with $100k going into the pot before the cards had even hit the table. Blom hit top pair, but Dwan was wired with an overpair that saw him eventually take down what was a $232.8k windfall from the pot.

It was “Bttech86” who took most of the day’s pay, despite Dwan’s performance versus Blom with Dwan finishing up as the 4th highest earner of the day and sending Blom down to be the biggest loser.

Yesterday’s Top 5 Winners

1st Bttech86 $398,680 (Plays at Full Tilt)

2nd Polarizing $280,385 (Plays at Full Tilt)

3rd bernard-bb $90,172 (Plays at PokerStars)

4th durrrr $46,588 (Plays at Full Tilt)

5th kingrama3 $40,792 (Plays at PokerStars)


Yesterday’s Top 5 Crashers

1st Isildur1 $398,940 (Plays at Full Tilt)

2nd KPR16 $240,000 (Plays at Full Tilt)

3rd GVOZDIKA55 $112,583 (Plays at PokerStars)

4th jungleman12 $72,152 (Plays at Full Tilt)

5th MIKMIC888 $60,712 (Plays at PokerStars)

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