“Isildur1″ Scores Big Over The Weekend


2013 was a roller coaster for the Swedish poker professional, who won millions in the first months, lost them all a bit later and repeated the process in the 2nd half of the year. By comparison, his performance in 2014 has been more linear, but Viktor is still barely above the profitability line after suffering some big defeats in February and March.

Over the last month, Viktor Blom won the vast majority of the poker sessions he played and he was more than a match for his opponents this week. April is the best month yet for Blom and this weekend he added $170k on top of the $400k won midweek. It all began with the Thursday session that saw Blom pushing opponents around at the $110k 8-Games, where he was pit against “PostflopAction”, “CrazyElior”, “trex313″ and Niki Jedlicka. He ended the session with $80,000 more than he started and decided to call it a day.

Friday began fast and furious, with Viktor winning $90k playing exclusively $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw poker and not surprisingly, he locked horns with “ragen70″. The German is a 2-7 Triple Draw specialist and last year he was the most successful online poker player. The morning session ended undecided, but Viktor managed to scoop almost $30,000 and anxiously waited for the games to resume in the afternoon.

Heinecker fired back in the second round and by the time “Isildur1″ realised what was going on, he was already in a big hole, losing $160k. He chose to take a short break and returned with a vengeance, winning all the money back and some more in a bit over one hour. At the end of the session he was just $67,000 richer than what he started with, but at one point Blom was $120k up.

Even though he wasn’t too effective when he shared the table with Isildur1, Crazy Elior was the most successful player of the day. He ended up winning almost $140,000 mostly at 8-Game tables, with Niki Jedlicka and PostflopAction being the ones that fueled his bankroll.

There were no other big winners this week and April overall was a relatively quiet month, with Niki Jedlicka scooping some big pots in the first weeks. He failed to replicate that performance recently, but despite the recent setbacks, he didn’t burn though all those profits.