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“Isildur1” Starts The Year In Style – Profits Of $564k

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom certainly had a year to forget in 2012 with regards to his online cash games, being amongst the biggest losers of the year. He would most definitely have put a good start in 2013 right at the top of his gift list to Santa, and so far it seems his wishes are coming true as he banked $564k on New Year’s Day.

In fact during the last week before the New Year he actually dropped around $600k, so this result has paid that back and put him into profit for 2013.

He plying his trade at both the $1500/$3000 2-7 Triple Draw and the Fixed Limit Omaha tables, with his biggest victim being “PostflopAction”. The pair went heads up on no less than five separate tables, with Blom taking more than $400k from his opponent on the TD tables and $165.5k on the Fixed Limit Omaha tables.

He also took $74k in a separate session off of “SallyWoo” and an additional $106k from “KPR16” but actually lost some himself too. He dropped $106k to another of the day’s biggest winners “Alexonmoon” and a couple of smaller amounts to both “cottonseed1” and “mastrblastr” whilst playing on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

This win not only puts him at the top of the 2013 leader board, but also back amongst the top winners at Full Tilt since it re-launched on November the 6th.

Other Winners!

Nobody was in Blom’s league yesterday but there were some other big winners at the high stakes tables yesterday. “Alexonmoon” took home a decent $177.6k after taking a bite out of Blom’s profit and some more from one of the day’s bigger losers in “fishosaurus”.

The only other player yesterday to take more than $100k was “Erik1223” after he amassed a profit of $106.3k with most of it coming from one player. That player was “howisitfeellike” who dropped a good $94k to his dominant opponent.

The Days Largest Pot!

With regards to pots yesterday, the biggest that was recorded was a pot in which “jarma-dharma” hit a set on the turn against “gomir” to take home $47.3k. The next biggest was a pot won by “toweliestar” when his opponent “Aron0621” missed all of his flush and straight draws for a pot of $40.4k.

Yesterday’s Biggest Profits!

Isildur1 – (+$564.5k)

Alexonmoon – (+$177.6k)

Erik1223 – (+$106.3k)

KingSp00k – (+$71.4k)

Viktor Blom has certainly set the pace for 2013, which is going to make things extremely interesting for the rest of the year. If there is one thing that we know about Blom though, is that he can crash as quickly as he builds, yet if he can learn when to call it a day he could become unstoppable.


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