“Isildur1″ Tops The Tables Again


Viktor Blom finished 2014 on a high note, but all these profits were squandered in the first two weeks, and by January 12 he was already down $640,000. Those who predicted that his losses this month would exceed $1 million were proven wrong this week when “Isildur1″ staged an impressive comeback.


Yesterday he won almost $240k, taking his profits this week to more than $860,000, with the vast majority of the money being won at PLO tables. Over the past couple of days, he played mostly at $200/$400 CAP PLO games and yesterday he made his first profits at these tables, winning $61,000 in just two sessions. Later in the day, he sat down at heads-up PLO tables playing at 50/$100 blinds and made short work of “Sauce1234” and “D2THEMFI”.

Viktor Blom is no stranger to TD tables and yesterday he gave nosebleed limits a try, en route to winning $99,000 from “Follow the Hawk”. The two poker professionals locked horns at $1k/$$2k 2-7 TD tables and the Swede needed just 90 min. and nearly 276 hands to prevail.

After dominating the heads-up PLO matches he returned to 2-7 Triple Draw tables and faced Carlooo13. His opponent was clearly unimpressed by his reputation and played aggressive poker, which eventually paid off because Isildur1 lost $75,000 in the process.

“Isildur1″ was not the only player to make a lot of money yesterday playing 2-7 Triple Draw poker, with “Crazy Elior” also standing out from the crowd. He shifted between $400/$800 mixed games and $1k/$2k 2-7 TD tables to strip “taktloss47” and “JLlama” for a combined $127,000. These victories made him the second most successful player of the day, just $7000 ahead of “JesusLebtNOT” who collected the very round amount of $120,000 at the $500/$1000 and $1k/$2k PokerStars FLHE tables.

Among those who lost money to him were “gomir”, “St1ckman” and “jama-dharma”, with the latter offsetting all his losses at different tables, to also finish the day above the profitability line. These were the four most successful players yesterday and they won a combined amount of almost $600,000.

Isildur1 – $238.2k

Crazy Elior – $127.4k

JesusLebtNOT – $120k

jama-dharma – $84.6k