“Isildur1″ vs “WCGRIder” dominate high stakes


The higher the stakes, the more ample the swings get and Doug “WCGRider” Polk had yet another experience that he can use as proof to support this theory. Two days ago, he played against Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom at the $500/$1,000 capped tables and the final result was contrary to his expectations.

Without being a one-sided affair, the confrontation cost Doug $85,000 and even though he staged some impressive comebacks, he was always trailing the Swede. Once again, Viktor Blom decided to put his No Limit Hold’em skills to the test and this time he was quite successful, taking an early lead and hanging on to it throughout three consecutive sessions.

“Isildur1” was in charge most of the time, winning the biggest pots and leading the action with aggressive plays, accumulating a $260,000 lead at one time. “WCGRider” fought back and reduced it to a five digit amount and came painfully close to tying the score at the end of the final session. The two players competed at two tables then moved to four, only to conclude the game at a single table, where Blom took his winnings above $100,000 once again. Doug won the final hand for a total $60,000, cutting down his losses to $85k but Blom didn’t get to enjoy his winnings for too long.

The very next day, the two players met again at the same limits and this time Polk emerged victorious and won $122,000 in the process. Blom lost an additional $92,000 to German sensation Niklas Heinecker at the heads-up tables and it took “ragen70” less than half an hour to amass these profits. He continues his streak of consecutive victories over Viktor, but “Isildur1” seems undeterred and it is very likely for the two of them to meet again in the next couple of days.

Another successful player at the heads-up tables was Patrik Antonius who faced KPR16 and he stripped him of $110,000 playing FLO8/FLHE $1500/$3000 mix. He was almost as successful at PokerStars, taking his total profit for the day at nearly $200,000. As for Full Tilt Poker, these were the most successful four players, who won a combined $480,000. Doug “WCGRider” Polk is at the top of the list, while Blom finished the day below the profitability line, although his overall profits for 2013 exceed $1.5 million

WCGRider – $188.500

FinddaGrind – $110.800

ragen70 – $98.000

Fake Love888 – $84.700