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“Isildur1” Wins $1m at the Cash Tables

Viktor BlomAnother day at the virtual tables for Viktor Blom with more than a million dollars floating around from side to side, but this time $1 million was Blom’s to keep.

His day was split amongst the Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Texas Hold’em Heads-Up, and Deuce to Seven Triple Draw. The day before Blom took $395k from Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene, but yesterday Blom achieved that figure within the first few hours of play before disappearing for a while. He then came back to build on his morning momentum playing “Sanlker”; a player well known for his heads-up prowess at the No Limit tables.

Blom took on “Sanlker” on the $500/$1000 CAP NLHE, taking away $414.5k from the German within 400 hands, meaning after around 75 minutes, Blom was up $700k in total for the day, and the high stakes online cash prodigy went on to continue his rampage.

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw was another a successful variation for Blom as he took on Phil “Polarizing” Ivey and “Kagome Kagome” both players well apt at taking down this style. Blom was on form though, and he was sticking around the Triple Draw game for around 3.5 hours before ducking out well in command and up yet another $300k to add to his days $700k profit already banked. One of Blom’s victims “Kagome Kagome” had already won $250k from the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables playing versus “Gus Hansen” and “Seb86”, but Blom was there to take a $100k chunk of “Kagome Kagome’s” hard grinded money! Despite this “Kagome Kagome” did manage to finish the day as the second highest earner.

While Blom was on a massive upswing on the Triple Draw tables, he started a $500/$1,000 CAP Pot Limit Omaha match versus Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, but after an hour things were not going in Blom’s favour as the Tiger Woods of Poker took $85k. The two took a break and then met again re-opening another CAP PLO table at the same limit. Ivey was looking to capitalise on his good fortune and take some of Blom’s profits, but only 4 hands into the face off, Blom managed to take down a large pot and was back $80k leaving Ivey only $5k up on the take. The two then quit leaving Blom to count up his winnings for the day before he disappeared offline.

Blom was off all tables sitting back with a $1 million profit, and we didn’t see the return of the prodigy either, as he must have been out celebrating one of his best scores of the year!

Yesterday’s Biggest Winners

1st – “Isildur1” – $1,005,182 (Full Tilt Poker)

2nd – “Kagome Kagome” – $165,010 (Full Tilt Poker)

3rd – “altiFC” – $77,671 (PokerStars)

4th – “jungleman12” – $76,709 (Full Tilt Poker)

5th – “Trueteller” – $68,727 (Full Tilt Poker)

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