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ISPT Going Ahead Or Not?

Despite plenty of positive press over the last few weeks regarding the potential International Stadiums Poker Tour, there has now been rather worrying rumours that it still may possibly be cancelled. The first event was due to be held at Wembley stadium in May of 2013, with the ambitious project seemingly looking very likely.

However, right from the beginning there have been cynics who have thought that the project was simply too large to be logistically possible, whilst also a bit too ambitious in terms of the numbers of players they are trying to attract.

They battled through those early worries by signing up big name poker ambassadors, booked the venue and even got the green light from the local council. This gave an image that it might actually be all steam ahead for the tournament, especially after they announced that the satellites have already been planned. However, it seems that the tournament is now looking more of a long shot than ever before.

A statement by International Stadiums Poker Tour Marketing Director has claimed that there needs to be at least 15k players or the tournament will not be happening. He goes on to add that if it achieves that or even the maximum 30k players it would be seen as the largest tournament held in the world.

This statement comes off the back of a cancelled press conference in which the ISPT were meant to be explaining a whole host of the details regarding the tournament, with the prize pool being the particular detail of interest. The main reason it was an issue of interest was that when the tournament was first announced it was claimed that the prize poll would carry a €30 million guarantee, which was soon changed to €20 million and has now seen the word “guarantee” scrapped all together.

It is felt that after the controversy at the Partouche Poker Tour where the original €5 million guarantee was originally denied by the PPT when they attracted a shortfall of 700k for the event could also prove to be a huge stumbling block. The PPT eventually agreed to pay the shortfall yet still deny in some quarters that there was ever a guarantee, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.


Up to now the ISPT has been very active at snapping up some of the biggest poker players in the world such as Michael Mizrachi, Sam Trickett, Liz Lieu and David Benyamine to become ambassadors for the tour. However, it remains to be seen whether they can offer too much help.

Will it or wont it? Who knows but it would certainly be an historic event if it ever does come to fruition!


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