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ISPT Rethinks Its Plans!

The International Stadiums Poker Tour has been one of the most talked about poker tours throughout the last year, yet it hasn’t even got up and running yet. This is due to the a series of reasons such as the sheer scale of the proposed event, some downright confusing marketing concerning the prize pool guarantee and the amount of logistics that it would take to just hold an event of this scale.

However, they have recently announced some big changes to how the event is going to be played out with regards to its format.

Their original plans were to somehow attract a massive thirty thousand players to Wembley Stadium, which is to host the very first event, and to bring with them their very own laptops. This would see all thirty thousand players competing against each other in one big LAN/Online tournament of poker until there were just 3,000 players left.

Those three thousand would then be able to come back at a later date to play out a live tournament on the turf at the stadium, with them initially offering a €30 million prize pool guarantee. That amount has been retracted with them saying that it was never a guarantee, with them now stating that the ‘estimated’ prize pool will be €10 million.

No More Laptops!

It seems they have given up on filling the stadiums with laptop users, instead going down a more practical route. They will now be holding the early stages of the tournament online, with there being a series of qualifying events before the final 3,000 are brought back to the stadium.

Anyone that wishes to miss out on the online €300 buy-in events can actually buy directly into the final 3,000 for a fee of € 3,000. The online segment is set to start on between February and March, with the live segment kicking off on the 1st of June. The live event will last four days before a winner is revealed.

It remains to be seen whether this event can still live up to the hype that has surrounded it, yet they do seem to have come up with a more logical idea of how to make it happen. It was never going to work with expecting 30k people to arrive with laptops to the stadium; the logistics were just too complex.

We now just have to wait and see how it all pans out; as we still think it could be a great tournament for the poker community if done right.


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