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ISPT Wembley Announces €1 Million Top Prize

shutterstock_121501609Poker tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool are nothing new and having a guarantee in place has become standard operating procedure for the bulk of live and online events. With the poker world buzzing about the new International Stadiums Poker Tour, or International Stadiums Poker Tour, and its first tournament to be held at Wembley Stadium, a new announcement has many predicting a solid turnout of players. Instead of providing a general prize pool guarantee, ISPT has announced that the first place winner of the inaugural series will walk away with €1 million to the good.

Part of this guarantee comes from a recent partnership with famed British poker room, Dusk Till Dawn. Well known as one of the top places to play not only in the country but also in the world, Dusk Till Dawn has built a reputation for huge guarantees that draw players out of the woodwork. In a UKIPT event in 2012, a £1 million guarantee was obliterated as 1,625 runners showed up to try and claim a piece of the lucrative pie. In addition to this event, Dusk Till Dawn has become more active in getting involved with larger tournaments outside of their own card room. They also worked in 2012 with the Caribbean Poker Party tournament in St. Kitts and other events.

The first edition of the ISPT at Wembley Stadium will feature a unique system where the standard buy-in is €2,730. However, a preliminary day will act almost like a satellite system, with the vast majority of players paying only €300 for their seat at the table. Therefore, players have two options of entering the event, each with a set of advantages. Obviously, choosing the €300 route will be much cheaper, but it also means an extra day of play and more risk of elimination. Those that opt for the more expensive path may be spending more money, but there will also be less players left, meaning a better chance of making the money.

When the first cards are dealt on 31 May, the Wembley poker tournament will stand as a proving ground for the unique structure and massive first prize. However, no matter what happens, it will certainly be a success for the players involved. If the guarantee is not met with the number of entries, then an overlay will be created, which means that players are effectively in a positive expectation situation. If enough players do show up to match the prize pool, then it will likely be one of the best tournaments of the year.

Should the ISPT prove to be a success, there are already plans to take the show on the road. Organisers are looking at iconic international locations where they will be able to recreate the same structure and offer an exciting tournament to poker players around the world.


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