ISPT Wembley – Juen Heads The Event

wembley stadium

wembley stadiumThe first part of the International Stadiums Poker Tour Wembley to actually take part in the stadium got underway yesterday as Day 2a saw 319 players take to the felt in an attempt to make it into Day 3. Those players were chopped right down to size by the end of eight levels with just 175 of them progressing into the next day.

This event is running for the very first time and it will be interesting to see whether it can live up to the owners expectations. You have to admit that holding a poker tournament in stadiums across the world is a big ask.

It is the French player Alban Juen who currently leads the event after Day 2b after he built up a stack of 367,500. He is currently ahead of big names in the top ten such as Nicolas Cardyn, Jamie Burland, so with there still being plenty of time to go he will have to be at his best to stay at the top.


Those Not So Lucky On Day 2a

Not all of the more established players could make it through though and will now have to consider re-buying in for Day 2b later today. Tony G, Michael Mizrachi, Christopher Brammer, Michael Turenic, Peter Eastgate and Toby Lewis all failed to make it through on the first attempt, though we do expect the majority of them to re-enter.

Below is the current top ten of the event so far, though you should expect that to change after the next day finishes.

The Current Top Ten!

1.) Alban Juen – 367,500

2.) Leigh Wiltshire – 326,900

3.) Bruno Launais – 305,300

4.) Rhys Jones – 250,000

5.) Fabian Stache – 210,000

6.) Nicolas Cardyn – 193,000

7.) Jamie Burland – 164,800

8.) Rob Woodcock – 156,000

9.) Nik Persaud – 154,100

10.) Tom Middleton     – 153,000

Day 2b gets underway at 12pm UK time today and is expected to have a much larger attendance due to those re-buys. Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out exactly what happened.