The Ivey Life Episode 3 – Another Prop Bet Made (vid)

Man Woman hands

The Ivey League is back with their third installment of ‘The Ivey Life’ which this time sees Phil Ivey offer up a prop bet to his good friend and fellow Ivey Pro Mike Leah. We all know that Ivey (as many pro poker players are) likes to have a few prop bets with his friends and this one saw him challenge Leah to beat to of Ivey’s girl friends in a sprint whilst running backwards.

The catch was that the girls would be allowed to run normally. This did not seem to phase Leah however as he believed he had what it takes to pull it off. You will have to check out the video below to see if he really could!

Be warned there are mansions, swimming pools, beaches and plenty of women, seriously, who would not want the Life of Ivey?