Jacobson – Now a Known Man

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The Swedish professional poker player Martin Jacobson who unless you live under a rock, just a few days ago bagged the World Series of Poker Main Event title, $10 million, a WSOP gold bracelet and a trophy with an estimated value of $500k and all of the adulation that comes along with it.

Many may not have heard too much about Jacobson before this final table, but those in the know knew that he would be a force to be reckoned with at this final table despite being one of the shorter stacks.

The unfamiliarity with Jacobson was simply because prior to this event he had never won a major title. Even Doyle Brunson claimed he knew nothing about any of the players at this final table and the others that had come close.

However, Jacobson has been a consistent nearly man for many years, first coming onto the scene in 2008, finishing in 3rd place at the EPT Budapest. The very next he finished as runner up n the WPT Venice, the next year after that he took fourth place in a WSOP event and another two runner up finishes on the EPT at Vilamoura and Deauville respectively.

It was these performances that made him stand out to many at the final table in Las Vegas, he was not just some random guy that got lucky but a consistent finisher that has been in the game for almost ten years. He had earned $4 million in live tournament career earnings before this event, more than many major title holders have in the same period of time.

Martin Jacobson is certainly now a name that everyday knows, as are the many other standout performers on that final table that has been deemed one of the very best in modern times. Many claim that he played almost flawlessly and we are not one to disagree, though he himself thinks it is impossible to play perfectly.

He said in an interview with the WSOP:

I played close to perfect, maybe, I dont think theres anything such as a perfect tournament, since you will always make some errors here or there. But I eliminated most of my mistakes, and played pretty well overall.”

He also spoke to Sarah Grant of Pokernews shortly after his big win and pointed out how he prepared for the event, how he tried to keep his performance professional and not emotional and just why he did not allow his family and friends on the rail.

A Reminder of the Final Standings

1st) Martin Jacobson – $10,000,000

2nd) Felix Stephensen – $5,147,911

3rd) Jorryt van Hoof – $3,807,753

4th) William Tonking – $2,849,763

5th) Billy Pappas – $2,143,794

6th) Andoni Larrabe – $1,622,471

7th) Dan Sindelar – $1,236,084

8th) Bruno Politano – $947,172

9th) Mark Newhouse – $730,725