Jake Cody Becomes A Dad (pics)


We are very happy to reveal that PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody has become the father of his first child Arianna on Thursday last week and finally returned home from the hospital with his family yesterday. Cody has been showing his excitement at the impending arrival through Twitter and Instagram over recent months and it is great to see his delight when the time finally came.

It’s nice to see Codys’ cute side and every father will understand the feelings attached to seeing your firstborn brought into the world.


As is often the case it seemed that Arianna was a little hesitant to come and you can just imagine the feelings of excitement, nervousness and impatience that must have been flowing through both of them.


Alas, that time finally came and Cody was quick to let everyone know that both mother and daughter were doing fine and that he was now officially a father.


We would like to offer our congratulations to the Cody family, Jake is a great player, ambassador for poker, a true professional and we are sure he will be a great dad too.