Jake Cody Hendon Mob Q&A

Jake Cody at the PCA

Following on from their Liv Boeree Q&A, The Hendon Mob have moved on to another PokerStars Team Pro in Jake Cody, allowing readers of their forums to come up with questions to put to the Triple Crown winner in which he has strived to answer as many as he can.

From the 13th of December The Hendon Mob have been accepting questions from their fan base right up until the Friday just gone.


With the questions in it was just a case of Jake Cody taking the time out to answer them and yesterday he did just that. We are going to post a few of those questions and answers but for a full low down you can head right over to The Hendon Mob to see the remaining answers that he has given.

Here is his first post on the forum:

Hey guys,

Ill be answering all of the questions over the next few hours.

1. Do you play many mix games? What’s your favourite?

I’ve been dabbling in a bit of omaha, enjoying it but i still have a hell of a lot to learn to be any good. I played the WSOP stud8 event this year, Toby Lewis convinced me to play, i was well hyped up for it, watched a training video for two hours and saw the headlines… two hours into the tournament i had half starting stack and was pretty demoralised, with it being fixed limit too i couldn’t really gamble it up and get there, i got slowly owned then busted.

2. A lot is said of British rails and how rowdy we are (which is great!) What has been your greatest memory railing someone?

Without question this years rail of Matt Perrins winning the $5k NL holdem bracelet, we had printed t shirts of matt dressed as a taco and the atmosphere was insane, also couldn’t be happier for him to win it.

3. Where is your favorite place to play poker?

I really like DTD in nottingham, i feel like they have it pretty much perfect for the players needs, Palm beach casino in London is nice too and of course Vegas, the Wynn is the nicest but the Rio is where the magic happens.

4. What is your opinion on the Alpha 8? Good for the game or pretty pointless?

I haven’t seen the TV coverage of any of them yet, if they are made well then it can only be good for poker and interest, but besides that, it is a tour which is impossible to play to nearly everyone.”

Among the other questions asked was which of the other professional poker players he spends the most time with. His answer was “I live with Matt Perrins and Rob Woodcock, and spend a lot of time with JP Kelly, Tom Middleton, David Nicholson, Toby Lewis, Chris Moorman I’m friends with most of the UK pro’s and we all hang out a lot when we run into each other at various tournaments.”

For the rest of an interesting Q&A you can head over to The Hendon Mob to get an inside look into the life of British Pro Jake Cody.