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Jamie Gold will Auction his WSOP Gold Bracelet

Auction buttonAfter Jamie Gold lost half his WSOP winnings in a court battle against Crispin Leyser he has now decided to recoup some of his losses by putting up his 2006 WSOP Gold Bracelet for auction.

He won $12 million in the 2006 World Series of Poker after running through a field of 8,773, which was the biggest WSOP field ever to have been seen in a main event. Jamie ran well with a string of hands we have never seen any other poker player run with in the big event. Jamie Gold’s name was put up on a pedestal for the cashing in on the biggest first place prize a poker tournament had ever paid out at the time.

Although, Jamie was branded the most successful poker tournament player of all time for his onetime win, but he also endured a fair amount of stick for his run of cards being branded as the luckiest player in poker. At the time he was being coached by 10 times bracelet winner Johnny Chan, and so with the big man backing him up he had all the advantages he needed to get through and win the tournament.

Now, just 7 years later and the Jamie’s bank account is not looking too healthy and so the gold bracelet has been put up for auction.

On the website selling the gold bracelet the product description has described the bracelet as being made with 259 stones and it also contains seven carats of diamonds. On top of this the precious metals the bracelet is famed for being made in is a mix of white and yellow gold. The rest of the bracelet has traditional sapphire stone that is the spade and the clubs which are represented using the 3 black diamonds.

Jamie has also proved he can stay in with some of the best in poker as since his massive win he has raked in a massive sum of cash. In the WSOP in the UK, Jamie pulled down 35th place to win $54,673 and he has also cashed $20,376 in the Irish Poker Open in the UK. Amongst other wins Jamie has pulled in $1000 wins running deep in several other tournaments including the $2,500 No Limit Hold’em event in the 41st WSOP.

All in all he has cashed up for around $100,000 since his WSOP win obviously not as much as his massive $12 million windfall from his astounding WSOP 2006 main event run. In addition to his poker play, Gold has been the ambassador of the Tropicana poker room in Las Vegas, but the casino has since moved many of its live poker tables.

The bracelet is expected to collect a six figure sum as Peter Eastgate’s 2008 gold bracelet managed to collect $147,500 in a charity auction. A similar price will be expected by Jamie Gold in this latest WSOP bracelet sell off.

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