Jason Mercier announces his own Breakfast Challenge

Jason Mercier

Aspiring poker players go to great lengths to spend some quality time with professionals and many put their pride away and casually ask for autographs. There is no better way of meeting poker pros than by joining the same tournaments they attend, with the European poker tour Barcelona event being a shining example. Jason Mercier and his fellow PokerStars pros are also there and the leader of the GPI standings announced on Twitter that they are planning a boat trip and there is one spot left.

Ever since Jason posted the tweet, the social media buzzed with enthusiasm and poker players anxiously waited for more details on how to secure that elusive seat. The prospect of joining these poker pros for a short voyage between different stages of the tournament is downright irresistible, so it comes as no surprise that Mercier’s “Breakfast Challenge” was an instant hit. The rules were as simple as they get, as the first player to sit down at his breakfast table would get the seat on the boat.

Poker players are creatures of habit and Jason Mercier fans would’ve figured it out when he planned on having breakfast, but he made it much easier for them. 30 minutes might sound as a narrow window of opportunity, but at these stakes, half an hour is more than enough and you won’t see any poker players fretting. Much to his surprise, Jason saw a familiar face at the table, as Bertrand Grosspellier was patiently waiting for his friend to come for breakfast and join him on the boat.

Jason didn’t say much about the player who actually got the seat as Bertrand couldn’t pass for a qualifier, but the entire group probably had lots of fun. Unfortunately for Mercier, the gods of poker were unkind to him as he was eliminated at the beginning of Day 2 after playing just to hands.