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Jason Somerville And His Orbit Advice (vids)

EV61_10K Main Event_Day 3Jason Somerville has always liked to share his advice and knowledge of the game of poker, with him producing YouTube videos for quite some time. Well ever since he returned from the WPT Bay 101 last month, he has been busy working on a new series.
This series sees him pick random players from Full Tilt Poker and offer to give them some advice on their micro stakes games from orbit to orbit. His first series of videos was released a few weeks back and sees him commentating alongside the player “HuskyMUDKIPZ”.

There are eight episodes of his first series with the player, with each episode seeing just one orbit of the table and six hands. He talks through what his guest does and offers his advice on where the player has gone right and where he may have played a little bit off.

This first episode sees “HuskyMUDKIPZ” flop two pair which then turns into a full house on the turn:


This second episode starts to see a few cracks in the game of “HuskyMUDKIPZ” during his orbit, with Somerville offering his own perspective on where his guest was going wrong:


The third instalment sees “HuskyMUDKIPZ” continue with another orbit of the table and sees Somerville analyze it fully. All in all, in this episode he player practically flawlessly and came away with a nice small profit.


In the fourth episode of the eight, we only saw one hand simply because every other one was folded, yet the one hand we did see was a very interesting one as Somerville believed “HuskyMUDKIPZ” played the hand a little wrong on the river.

That’s it for the first four episodes, with us bringing the remaining four a little later on the week. We think that you will find these short videos as interesting as we do, with the expert advice of Jason Somerville really making us all think about how we play each and every hand at the table.

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