JC Tran Welcomes His New Baby Girl Into The World (pics)


Just a few days ago JC Tran knew it was about to be a special day in his life. This is because the man that had only just recently taken part in the 2013 World Series of Poker final table was awaiting the arrival of the latest addition to his family.

His partner was heavily pregnant while he was on that final table and would certainly have been on his mind whilst taking part, but he managed to perform well enough to finish in a more than respectable 5th place for a handsome payout of $2,106,893. Many of the poker community waited patiently before they finally saw the tweet that they had been hoping for. His new daughter was born and he was obviously delighted to be able to share a few pictures of his latest blessing.



A couple of days later and it was the day to bring his new baby girl home and another opportunity to share another cute picture of his new baby girl.

Just to show that JC Tran is just an all around nice guy, he was quick to realise just how lucky some of us are and made a donation to help all of those that are still suffering in the Philippines after the horrendous typhoon that hit the country a few days ago.

We obviously want to offer our congratulations to Tran and his partner and wish the very best in life for his beautiful new daughter.