Jean-Robert Bellande Shocks With One Drop Buy-In (pic)

Stacks of dollars

Not bad for someone who is always claiming he is broke but Jean-Robert Bellande has revealed that he has parted ways with a million dollars in order to take part in this year’s World Series Of Poker Big One For One Drop.

The million dollar event usually attracts the most successful poker players around and a scattering of super rich businessmen that love nothing more than having a gamble. Bellande would be the first to admit that he does not really fall into either category which begs the question “Just where did he get $1 million? Well, he has been hanging around with millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian recently and even allegedly won 11 Bentleys in a card game. Perhaps he sold them all to get the money? Perhaps Bilzerian is backing him? Well the later has been denied by Bellande so we are all going to have to wait until he decides to tell us whether he really is no longer broke.