Joe Stapleton Meets The Protégés

The protege by PokerStars

Following on from our story yesterday, you can make use of a handy way of deciding which protégé to vote for in the PokerStars #lastlonger promotion by taking in this video from the PokerStars YouTube channel where Joe Stapleton meets each of lucky protégé and their respective PokerStars Team Pros.

As you know, the four protégés have been tutored by their respective Team Pros and will now each play in three events in the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker with the player that does the best winning a PCA package for next January.

Poker players and fans are now able to vote on which protégé they believe will go the deepest in each tournament, with those who predict correctly winning a ticket into $1,000 prize pool freerolls.

To help you choose which player to vote for in the last longer promotion, Joe Stapleton did a hangout session with all of the protégés and Team Pros. You can now use this information to decide just who you think will go the deepest in each event and win you one of those freeroll tickets.

First up is 29 year old Rob Glenister who hails from Essex here in the UK who admits that he did not actually choose Vanessa Selbst as his Team Pro but her part of the promotion just happened to be on at the time he took part.

The Russian Arseny Shurapchikov was up next who quickly revealed that his chosen Team Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier is actually his idol. Grospellier claimed that Arseny is a fairly accomplished player already but needed to erase the errors he makes late on in an event.

Stapletons’ obvious favourite was next (judging by how many times he zoomed in on her cam and the obvious unsuccessful flirting) in Olga Ermolcheva. She is paired with PokerStars Team Pro Eugene Katchalov and is not just a pretty face either as she recently won a side event at the just completed EPT Barcelona for almost $30k.

Finally we had Team Pro Andre Akarri’s protégé in the 20 year old Brazilian Allan Justino. He is the youngest of the group but Akkari is confident that he has the ability to last longer than the rest, though he disagreed with his protégé deciding that Ronaldo was a better player than Pele.

Check out the video below: