Johannes Strassmann Missing in Slovenia

ljubljana, slovenia

Reports have been circling the last couple of days that Johannes Strassmann, a well known high stakes professional poker player, has gone missing in Slovenia. According to PokerFirma, the 29 year old German citizen has been missing in Slovenia since the 21st of June.

He was apparently last seen by friends in the capital city of Ljubljana in jeans and a white top and was expected back by these friends.

In more recent news on the story, Pokernews were able to learn more about the missing person’s case by speaking to Viko Stojnsek who is the Public Relation Officer for the Ljubljana Police Directorate. They were able to learn when he was reported missing, what he was doing in Slovenia and that there is now a reward for any information that leads to him being found.

Stojnsek said:  “The German citizen was reported missing at 10 p.m. on June 22, 2014, and Slovenian policemen immediately started an investigation. However, the missing person has not been found yet,”

“After a short stop [in Slovenia], they had planned to head all together to the Croatian coast,”

According to Pokernews, the player was in Slovenia to meet up with some players that he had been coaching and was then meant to head to Croatia with the friends that traveled with him to Slovenia. Pokernews report that there has been a $10k reward put out for any useful information on the player’s whereabouts.

There is an anonymous number that everyone can call if they have any information at all. The number is +386 801200 and people are urged to call if they have anything that may help the police locate the German professional poker player.

In a most recent update there seems to be an tip to the police that someone heard a voice speaking English with a German accent coming from the forest just outside Ljubljana, althought there was nothing there when they approached. The police however have increased their search efforts with as more information is coming from official police sources to PokerNews.