Jonathan Little on Note Taking at Live Games

Make notes

Professional poker player Jonathan Little has amassed career earnings of just $6 million from live tournaments, so when he hands out some advice on the game, it certainly pays to listen. In a recent video he did for, he talks about the art of note taking when playing in live games.

He believes that taking notes at the table is not done by enough players and that they are missing out on the sort of information that could help them to eliminate any leaks in their game or gather information on their opponents.

Many players try to use their memory to remember certain hands, but Little claims that this is never going to be a perfectly accurate method. He suggests writing down all the hands that you play, then take that information away with you so that you can take another look at the ones that you feel could have been played differently. He even suggests talking about those hands with other players and getting their opinions.

The video below sees Little take us through his process of taking notes, starting with the sort of pad that he uses, the sort of pen and then how he prepares by writing out four letters on at least 15 pages of the pad before he plays.

These letters are the ‘H’ for hand, ‘S’ for stack, ‘B’ for blinds and ‘P’ for position. He then discusses how he writes down any hand that he plays in, filling in each of the details for those letters before jotting down quickly all of the action that happens afterwards.

Each page consists of one hand and he uses the reverse side of the page to take any additional notes about the hand that he played in.

If he manages to make it a bit deeper in an event he will then start to note on each of the players at his table. He will note their chip sizes, whether he knows them and how they seem. So if he notices a player in one seat who looks a little scared, he will quickly write that down.

He takes this even further by using sites such as The Hendon Mob to research his opponents, either on his mobile phone or before each day starts. Additionally, he keeps a file on each of his most regular opponents and updates that file with anything new that he has discovered about their play.

Check out his video below: