Juggling a New Born with Being a Poker Pro


Anyone that has a child will no doubt understand the amount of time that is required when that child is a newborn. No matter what career you are in, you will be making sacrifices to certain aspects of your life in order to give the newborn the time and attention that he/she needs.

So imagine what it must be like for a PokerStars Team Pro who not only plays poker online for a living but also has other duties as part of being a sponsored pro, then trying to fit everything in after giving birth to a baby.

One such pro that is experiencing this right now is Adrienne Rowsome who answered a few questions on the subject over at PokerStarsBlog.

She was asked about how much time is needed to take care of a newborn, how she manages to continue playing poker if at all, whether she is still able to fulfill her Team Pro requirements and a number of other questions related to juggling poker with having a young baby to look after.

“During the first three months after birth, there was little balance in this area. During this time, babies’ needs are so high and the bonding opportunity is so important, we made him the #1 priority. This was the expectation and it was made possible by putting in extra volume beforehand and setting clear financial goals.”

She mentions that she is lucky because her husband is always home during the day too, which gives her plenty of support. However, even with his help it seems to have been a bit hard to grind online as much as she normally would.

“Now that the baby is 4 months old, I expect my volume to increase as he settles into a more static routine. I will be taking advantage of being able to play on a laptop but more importantly from smaller mobile devices like an iPad or iPhone.”

As for her Team Pro requirements, she has not really had too many problems simply because they usually involve social media or writing a blog here and there and being interviewed much like she has for the source article.

“I partake in Facebook and Twitter mostly. These activities tend to be quick and I can do them during quiet times when our son is breastfeeding or otherwise occupied. I don’t have a schedule set for them at this time, but seem to get adequate time on both.”

All in all it definitely seems like a struggle to get everything in but as most of you that are lucky enough to have been through similar will know, it is all completely worth it. Things always get easier as they grow up too, so we are sure she will be able to gradually increase the amount of time that she spends playing poker over time.