July’s Online Poker was all about Blom’s Big Moves

Viktor Blom

It was a huge up and down month for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, who at one point was over $2 million in profit, but after some hyper-aggressive poker that he is well-known for, Blom actually took that into the red and back out again finishing as the 10th highest earner for July with $369,766 in the green. It was all in all an amazing story coming from an amazing poker player who has shown all along that he is not afraid to play anyone on the poker circuit.

Nine days into the month, Blom had hit what was to be the highest profitable point in the month earning $2,184,516 by that point and recording yearly earnings of $5,225,118 way above second place, who at that point had $3,172,574 worth of earnings for the year. It was slowly downhill for Blom after that major focal point of the month after he made $321,234 on the first day of the month, $696,310 on the fourth day, $525,291 on the seventh day and $653,464 on the eighth day and $101,465 on the ninth day of July.

Everything was looking on the up for Blom who had remained around the $3 million mark for 2013, but on day 10 he recorded a loss of -$297,601 and this was start of a slippery downhill slope even though he finished the first third of the month with a $1,886,914 profit.

4th Third of July Top 5 Profits

“Isildur1” – $1,886,914

“trex313” – $436,616

“Denoking” – $392,274

“wilhasha” – $372,989

“FinddaGrind” – $167,651

By the second third of July, Blom had dropped over a million and a quarter from his initial month’s massive upswing. Instead “Tight-Man1” was the plus million dollar winner for the month with a massive $1,243,312. Even so, “Isildur1” was still reigning supreme in the yearly earnings chart but his downswing was soon to continue. It seemed to be the opposite of tilting, or at least he was on a positive tilt that many poker players talk about. When you win so many pots you begin to feel invincible. Blom’s losses were beginning to show that side of the Swedish youngster’s play.

2nd Third of July Top 5 Profits

1st “Tight-Man1” – $1,243,312

2nd “Isildur1” – $678,295

3rd “Rhje” – $549,127

4th “cottonseed1” – $419,516

5th “IReadYrSoul” $417,533

Around the middle of the last third of the month Blom was in trouble. By the 24th amazingly he was down for the first time in the month by -$97,735 and he had recorded a -$405,196 loss by the 27th. On the Sunday the 28th he must have remembered to go to church because it was a massive day for Blom as he won $1,226,796 wiping out all his losses, helping him finish the month on a high with $369,766 profit, but that was after he dropping $310,332 on the very next day or he would have been up there with “IReadYrSoul” and Hac “trex313” Dang, who both finished the month as the 2nd and 3rd highest winners.

3rd Third of July Top 5 Profits End of the Month

1st “Tight-Man1” – $1,219,915

2nd “IReadYrSoul” – $819,677

3rd “trex313” – $639,589

4th “Rhje” – $589,851

5th “Denoking” – $512,043