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Jungleman Versus Dwan: The Challenge Is Back

shutterstock_123389719Before Full Tilt disappeared off the net Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Dan “Jungleman12” Cates were slap bang in the middle of a 50,000 hand challenge that was stopped dead in its tracks by the sites unexpected closure, but just recently Jungleman12 has been calling Dwan back to finish what was started.

The challenge was originally named the “durrrr challenge” at a time the boy was on fire and the offer was open to literally anyone. He laid down the rules saying anyone can challenge him online at Full Tilt in a 50,000 hand heads-up dual on a minimum of four tables at the same time. The challenger must fork out a minimum $500k stake and if after the 50,000 hands the challenger is winning “durrrr” will give that player $1.5 million as a side bet.

Jungleman12 stepped up to the challenge and at the time this was big poker news highly publicised up until the very last days of Full Tilt’s original diminish. Now, Full Tilt is back on the cards meaning the challenge is back on or at least Jungleman12 wants the challenge to continue.

For Durrrr when Jungleman12 stepped up he probably anticipated this being easy money after he had already seen off Antonio in the same challenge, a player who is considered one of the best cash players out there and who recently smashed Cao in a $1 million challenge on Full Tilt.

Jungleman12 has since proved he is a quality poker player and was a well-known high stakes cash player at just the age of twenty achieved mostly by playing at Full Tilt poker.
Right now the challenge is only around 20,000 hands in, so not even half way through and Jungleman12 is up around $1.2 million, with both players making an agreement to play on the $200/$400 tables with all-ins using the Run It Twice option. With such a huge deficit Dwan would be forgiven for being a little hesitant in resuming a challenge with an uphill mountain to climb.

Rumours of a continuation of the challenge actually started in the same way as most Full Tilt challenges have begun recently, on Twitter of course.

Many of the online poker followers would love to see this challenge resume and with Dwan currently running well after a rocky start on Full Tilt this year maybe we could be in for yet another amazing Full Tilt challenge.

Just recently we saw the PokerStars pro team beat the Full Tilt pro team, Antonius thrash Cao, so the “durrrr” versus Jungleman12 challenge would be a great addition to a strong of entertainment on what has been an amazing return for Full Tilt in 2013.

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