“Jungleman12” Versus “Durrrr” Challenge Makes Headway


Dan “Jungleman12” Cates came back to the tables to join Tom “Durrrr” Dwan to get the “Durrrr Challenge” back on the virtual felts, but for “Durrrr” it was not a good outcome as he dropped $197k to Cates.

They played over the course of yesterday in what was another marathon battle of wits between the two, as they peeled yet another 1,485 hands away from the remaining hand count playing on the $200/$400 No Limit Texas Hold’em Heads-Up tables. It was rocky day as both players had their turn at going out in front. Cates began by shooting out in front after just three quarters of an hour raking over $100k over from Dwan’s stack. Nonetheless, he fought back and he was at the point where he was out in front with 6 figures going his way almost $150k up, but after some clever reads by Cates, Dwan began to slide back into the red.

It was around the 1,000 hand mark and “Jungleman12” was on a heater pushing “Durrrr” in the final third of their play before wrapping up and calling it a day. Cates is now over $1.5 million in the green in the challenge and is looking well poised to win.

The Challenge Details

Both players play on four tables at the same time

They have to continue through a minimum of 50,000 hand

$200/$400 are the minimum stakes they can play

Cates gets to select whether they play NLH or PLO

Players have to reload if they go below 75 big blinds at the stakes being played

If Cates wins the challenge, Dwan has to pay out Cates $1.5 million and Cates also gets to keep all the cash he has won from Dwan. However, if Dwan was to pull back to as little as $1 ahead by the end of the 50,000 hand challenge, Cates would have to pay Dwan $500k. However, apparently the two have made a deal, which means Cates will still make money either way.