“Kagome Kagome” is Day’s Big Winner

Money dollars

A small lull in the international live poker circuit has seen many high stakes players return to the online tables to try and book a solid win. Yesterday, the big action online was centred around two main games – $2,000/$4,000 Deuce to Seven Triple Draw and $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha with a cap. The day’s top name was “Kagome Kagome”, a player from Germany who specialises in limit variations. Spending time at several Deuce to Seven tables, “Kagome Kagome” netted $276,300 in profits – not bad for a day’s work.

The frenzy started off with a heads up match against “Isildur1,” who appears to be continuing a downwards slide after an impressive start to the year. In an extremely short morning session that lasted less than half an hour, the German was able to relieve the Swede of $136,600, making up the lion’s share of his take for the day. After taking a break for most of the day, “Kagome Kagome” came back to the tables in the early evening to put another session in.

This time, “Kagome Kagome” sat down at a Deuce to Seven ring game that was filled with some heavy hitters of the poker world. Dan Cates, Gus Hansen, Alexander Kostritsyn, Viktor Blom and other strong players rounded out the two tables where the highest action was taking place. One table did not go so well for the German, showing a final loss of $14,000. On the other hand, his total at the Castings table added a healthy chunk to his profits. When the session was finished, the table total was a $114,900 win.

In the big PLO games, there was no shortage of big swings. Legendary online grinder Hac Dang brought home the biggest stack, with a score of $205,200. However, the big story was Gus Hansen, who was pulling double duty at both the PLO and Deuce to Seven games. His PLO play started off badly and put him in a hole of some $170,000 to the bad, but that would change rapidly. In some monster pots, Hansen was on the right side and he moved to a more than $400,000 winner. In true Hansen style, this win evaporated down to nothing, but he was able to salvage a profit of $125,000 for his efforts.

Biggest Winners

4th – Dan “jungleman12″ Cates – $130,000

3rd – Hac “trex313″ Dang – $205,200

2nd – “samrostan” – $253,300

1st – “Kagome Kagome” – $276,300