Karamalikis Takes Questions Through Twitter


Jonathan “xMonsterDongx” Karamalikis is one of Australia’s most successful poker players of all time, earning himself $4,874,800 and $2,240,405 from online and live tournaments respectively during a career of just seven years. He is currently fifth on Australia’s all time earners list and is likely to climb even higher over the coming years.

Full Tilt Poker asked poker fans on Twitter if there was anything that they would like to ask the player before sending a selection of those questions to him so he could do just that. Some were poker related whilst others allowed us a little peak into the life of Jonathan Karamalikis.

We have provided a small selection of those questions and answers from Full Tilt Poker but you will have to head on over there if you want to see the rest.

“How do you motivate yourself after a bad tourney day? @ericnoob02

“Just do whatever makes you happy, poker is just a small part of my life and should never be anyone’s everything, so you have to just keep that in perspective.

If it’s to purely motivate you, to play again if there is a big tournament on, I would recommend something relaxing like getting a massage before or after playing sports”.

“What’s your most embarrassing poker moment?

“I can’t think of an embarrassing poker moment that would be entertaining.

This was not embarrassing for me, but while on the final table of a World Series of Poker Australia event I won a big pot, and my dad was in the stands and got so excited that he fell backwards off his chair, making heaps of noise and causing massive scene. He wasn’t able to get himself up from being buried in the chair.

I was having outbursts of laughter for the next hour even in the middle of playing pots. ESPN caught the whole thing, I tried to get the footage for one of his future birthdays but could never get it. The memory is enough.

“What is your best tip for a micro-stakes Multi-Table Tournament (MTT) player to progress to the higher buy-in tournaments? @sainter1966

“You should only move up in stakes when you’ve profited comfortably in the games you’ve been playing. Set yourself target profit figures over X number of tournaments played and if you reach your goal, you can move up stakes.