Katchalov Practices by Playing WCOOP

New skills and training

PokerStars Team Pro Eugene Katchalov as you will probably know is known more for his live tournament performances than he is for playing online, yet as he explains in his latest blog on PokerStarsBlog, he always takes part in the WCOOP and TCOOP events for a number of reasons.

The biggest reason is because due to the lower buy-ins, high quality of the fields and the sheer number of events, he is able to practice his game and improve as a player for the very next time he goes away to play in a live tournament.

“I really like those series a lot, not just because I get to play a lot of tournaments in a short period, but I also use the COOPs to improve as a player. They are kind of learning tool for me, you might say, to practice new things and work on my game.”

He, like any other top poker professional, knows that in order to keep up with everyone else and perhaps get an edge, you need to always look at improving your game and learning new things.

The fact that he can play so many tournaments allows him to test out new moves and get a good sample of success due to be able to try out those moves consistently. This allows him to decide whether the particular moves are successful enough to be able to use in a live tournament.

“In addition to getting to put in a lot of volume and thus get in a lot of practice and testing out new ideas and moves, the online tournaments tend to feature lower buy-ins than the live events I typically play. With live tourneys, my buy-ins will usually range between $2,000-$10,000, but online (say in WCOOP), the range will be more like $100-$1,000. The players are still very, very good in these events, so I’m getting to practice against solid opponents for a relatively inexpensive price.”

He also states that with many of the events this year having such deepstacks and slow structures, it was also ideal for his practicing plans. He tried to focus on Hold’em as much as possible though he did take part in some mixed game events, as he feels he still has a lot more to learn from the variant.

“I’m happy with where my game is now — especially after having taken that time off this summer to be on the reality TV show — and pleased both with my results and with the chance to get in a lot of good practice.”

To read his highly interesting blog post in full, simply head over to PokerStarsblog.