All In For Kids Charity Event Makes $1 Million

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We let you know about the “All In” For Kids charity poker event that was coming up last night in another article but now we can report it was the usual complete success. It managed to bring in $1 million for the CHOP (Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia) after a night full of entertainment, food, drinks and a splash of poker thrown in too.

There was a poker tournament that brought in a number of professional poker players, celebrities and whoever else wanted to do their bit for such a special cause. We are still unaware of who won the event, yet that really is not important as it was the money collected that was what this event was all about.

This “All in” For kid’s charity event has been running for 6 years now ever since co-founder Dan Shak put his hand in his pocket to set it up. He again called on his good friend and living poker legend Phil Hellmuth to be the MC, which as always proved to be a very popular decision.

Hellmuth has done more for charity than many of us will do in an entire life time and he was thrilled to reveal that charity events he has MC’d throughout the years have now raised a total of $30 million.

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We are hoping that some kind of video surfaces from this event as we heard on the grapevine that one of the first things that the MC Hellmuth did was to pull Vanessa Selbst up on to the stage to rap the words to the Jay Z song “99 Problems”. Not an easy task in front of a packed room but we bet she handled it like she handle her poker…with ease.

Others to attend included Mike Sexton, Andy Frankenberger and Jamie Kerstetter with the following tweets suggesting they had a fantastic time in doing their bit for the Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia.


Of course after another successful night on the 6th annual event of this charity poker event the co-founder Dan Shak was overwhelmed with all of the people who had come out to support the cause and of course all of those that helped to put on such a great show.


It’s amazing what people can do when they put their heart and soul into helping others, all of those involved should very proud of themselves for what they have done for people so much less fortunate than themselves. Roll on next year and the next charity to receive a he boost from the game of poker.