Kings Cup Day 2 – Hartmann Leading Final 12

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A frenetic day at the felt in the PokerStars Kings Cup in Rozvadov on Day 2 saw a field of 198 players get reduced to just twelve players in just 12 levels. This meant that for every level there was an average of 15 players heading for the exits.

The idea was actually to get down to the final table within that time but although they got very close, it could not quite be managed.

The end of Day 2 saw Philipp Hartmann emerge as the chip leader going into the final day after he had built up a chip count of 2,621,000 to give him an advantage of more than a million over Lena Riemenschneider in second place on 1,584,000.

Despite being a million behind, Riemenschneider played a stormer to even get that high up after actually being one of the shorter stacks with 31,000 after the dinner break. She turned that into her chip count throughout the second half of the day in truly spectacular fashion.

As for the biggest name in the field on Day 2, PokerStars Team Pro Christophe De Meulder could not progress into the final day. He began with an average stack but was unable to increase it sufficiently to stave off the blinds and eventually fell when his pocket fours were undone by pocket queens.

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He will be content with the fact the pretty much 90% of the field joined him on Day 2, so it was always going to be a tough task for the popular pro.

The Current Chip Counts

1st) Philipp Hartmann – 2,621,000

2nd) Lena Riemenschneider – 1,584,000

3rd) Pavel Novotny – 1,284,000

4th) Uwe Mauerhoff – 915,000

5th) Radek Stockner – 752,000

6th) Petr Targa – 734,000

7th) Daniel Effendy – 693,000

8th) Nikolay Karman – 626,000

9th) Georgios Sotiropoulos – 492,000

10th) Jens Steuber – 461,000

11th) Damir Vasiljevic – 398,000

12th) Zdenek Motan – 275,000

Those final twelve will now be playing for the title today at 2pm local time and we are fairly certain that the action is going to be just as dramatic once play gets underway. So pop back tomorrow to get the full results of this event and to see just who walked away with that illustrious title.