“KPR16″ outshines “Isildur1″ at high stakes tables


After two horrendous months, Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom came out firing on all cylinders in October and in just two weeks he has won $1.7 million. Gus Hansen was also among the early month winners with $413,000, but given the fact that the poker pro lost millions this year, this gain is nothing more than a drop in an ocean. These were the top 5 online poker winners at the beginning of the week:

1. “Isildur1” – $1,746,739
2. “Gus Hansen” – $413,079
3. “JayP-AA” – $311,179
4. “trex313” – $237,884
5. “Carlooo13” – $222,820

Unfortunately for the Swedish poker pro, the last couple of days were less lucrative and his confrontation with Kyle “KPR16″ Ray didn’t end well. The American player was outstanding and even though he played a relatively low number of hands, he won a total of $125,000. In fact, Kyle was the only poker professional to have crossed the six digit threshold this week.

One of the reasons is that most high stakes players are taking a break after the conclusion of EPT London or are waiting patiently for the World Series of Poker Europe. This year, Paris will be the gracious host and high rollers take advantage of these couple of free days to recharge their batteries. Online poker is not dead though, not even at these nosebleed limits and players such as KPR16, ChaoRen16, Katya_18 or Lefort have no regrets in spending their time playing poker over the internet. They were the biggest winners yesterday and these were the amounts they took home:

KPR16 – $125,600
ChaoRen16 – $58,800
Katya_18 – $57,500
Lefort – $54,700
Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom ran into Kyle “KPR16″ Ray at Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables and started playing at $2000/$4000 limits. Eventually the pair moved to $500/$1000 and $1000/$2000 limits, but by that time, Blom was already down $92,000. In just 23 minutes and 58 hands, he lost this massive amount and although they competed for an additional 122 hands, the Swedish poker player didn’t get back on track.

October is still a very profitable month for Viktor, but losing more than $100,000 to one player and a five digit amount to “SallyWoo” is hardly comforting. Ronny “ronnyr37617″ Kaiser was the collateral victim as he lost more than $10,000 while competing against these two pros. SanIker was the other big winner of this weak as he won $51k playing $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em, with his main victim being “metior”.